Mom and I, circa 1975

Happy Mother’s Day

Mom and I, circa 1975

Mom and I, circa 1975

My mother was a great woman. She had a great sense of humor, loved her kids, was a great partner to my father and did everything she could to make sure we kids turned out all right. I have fond memories of her even from a very young age which enforced in me how strong a woman she really was.

  • She ran into a bakery while flames lept 30 feet into the air over the roof of the establishment only to be told by the staff that she was crazy and to leave. I still remember how upset she was even when the fire department arrived and had to clear everyone out themselves – I was still in a car-seat and I remember that like yesterday.
  • I remember her yelling from the sidelines at hockey and soccer games and how passionate she was about it giving me tips and pointers on and off the field and ice about anticipating plays and not taking stupid penalties.
  • I remember her making breakfast and lunch for us all through grade-school to ensure we got a balanced diet and fuel for all of our activities like cross-country, soccer, hockey, baseball and all the other sports she could yell from the sidelines from…

Perhaps her best advice, even though when she delivered it I never listened until much later in my 20′s was: “Don’t play at the waterfall too long – there comes a time when you need to grow up and move on in the world.” I didn’t realize what that meant until I found that working for a grocery store wasn’t going to bring me the satisfaction in life that I wanted for me and for my career.

Even when I moved to Calgary, she would often send the “forwarded” emails that used to drive me crazy with quotes, jokes and videos that I knew made her laugh, cry or both. I didn’t realize until after she passed from Cancer in 2010 how much I missed getting those emails, talking with her on the phone about how I was moving up in the world of IT and life in general.

All she wanted in life was to be a grandma and that didn’t get to happen due to her passing. I know somewhere up there she’s smiling down on my daughter Tianna and know that if she was here I’d be telling her not to spoil my kid so much. I’m pretty sure I’d have a difficult time getting my daughter back if Grandma was watching her.

For all the moms out there and the folks that have lost moms or who are moms now; love your kids, love your family and most importantly, tell your mom how much she means to you and how much she’s been a part of who you are now. I tell my mom every single day. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

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