Cabo San Lucas 2013

We love Cabo San Lucas. We were married there. We try and spend every anniversary on the beach we exchanged our vows on and bring friends and family down to share time with in such a beautiful place…

“Mexico?” you say? “Aren’t there people being killed on every street corner? Aren’t there drug deals and busts all over the place down there?”

Luis and Tianna at Mis Sueños

Luis and Tianna at Mis Sueños

The answer would be a resounding no. We spent two and a half weeks in and around Cabo and San Jose Del Cabo and didn’t see anything of the sort. In fact, we’ve been down there enough that we know quite a few locals who can give us the inside information on what’s happening in Cabo and why the population there has almost doubled in two years.

Mexicans are moving to Cabo because it’s safe. Usually when we’re in the pool it’s all Canadians and Americans with the occasional European sprinkled in for good measure. This year we encountered almost half the folks in the pool as either locals or on vacation from other parts of Mexico. It’s a clear sign that in areas of the country, the economy is better and people are actually taking holidays.

Pedregal Community

Pedregal Community

Perhaps the most striking difference around the city was the residential development. As we learned from a fellow who’d moved his entire family in from Guadalajara, the population in Cabo has doubled since 2010. There are more markets, more gated communities, more investment in the “old town” (or non-tourist areas of the city) and obviously more American amenities like Home Depot, Costco and Walmart Super Centres.

A huge draw now to Cabo are the residences that are part of most of the timeshare resorts. There are many ads around the city about how affordable a beach-front villa is and even stories in the local papers about Canadians who’ve made Cabo the home-base for their business. WAYYYYYY to enticing if you ask me… All I need to do my job is a phone and the internet… serious!

We spent a lot of time finding various places to dine out. Some notable places:

Dawn, Fishing

Dawn, Fishing

The fishing around Cabo is incredible. With many deep water species like Swordfish, Marlin, Yellow and Blue fin tuna – the opportunity to catch your dream fish is very real. I spent a half-day out with my wife’s uncle and we caught 22 fish within our first 30 minutes with lines in the water. The fish we caught – Sierra Mackerel (or mini Wahoo) – are a very hard-fighting white fish that are a blast to catch. We took almost 20lbs in all to be cooked up at Mis Sueños and had one of the most amazing family meals ever over two nights.

If you’re on the fence about Mexico in general with all the bad press it’s getting – I highly recommend you check out Cabo San Lucas. It is a very vibrant, safe and stunning city and I will continue to visit for many years to come.

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  1. paulsparrow

    I like to be pampered and have people make me my dinner and bring me my drinks….Makes me feel wealthy…

  2. paulsparrow

    Hey Jeremy. Long time no see since the grocery business. My wife and I went to the east coast of Mexico last year as our first time into the all-inclusive world and thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so I have taken up trying to learn some Spanish and wish to return every year. We are off to Puerto Vallarta in a couple of weeks and hope to hit Cabo soon. I’m a HUGE Sammy Hagar fan and I am tempted to go down when he hosts his birthday bash week.

    I here is much more expensive in the Cabo area due to the American influence. Is that so? Did you stay all inclusive or rent a condo/house?


    • Hi Paul,
      We actually don’t find Cabo expensive at all. In fact, during our first or second day we’ll hit Costco or Walmart and get all the groceries we need for our trip including beer/booze. We don’t stay all-inclusive because if you do the math, it’s not really worth it unless you can drink/eat $110/per person per day. We find in the heat you can’t eat that much and can only drink half that (believe me – I’ve tried!!). We own timeshares down there and the details on that will be another blog post very soon… stay tuned! Cheers.

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